What is Vasati?
The old Indian geomancy, on an other name: Vastu is part of the 5000 years old written collection of wisdom, the Vedas. Vastu has been shaped into a scientific system after millennia of experience and observation, and it is called: Vasati (Va-energy, Sa-information, Ti-geometry)

Vasati is an integral architectural concept. Its basis are the natural laws of spatial energy, and this knowledge brings the living space in resonance with nature and its inhabitants. The house is like man´s second body. It is a lens focussing the natural environmental influences. The living space´s quality influences the health of man as well as his mental and emotional status.

  Vasati consultancy is available for an existing or a planned building.

It is sensible to ask advice when buying a house or any property. Good to recognize the drawbacks of the property and consider possible corrections to avoid potential negative outcomes.

The correction of an already existing building can happen on three different ways:

- written consultancy: after viewing the site a thorough analysis of the property containing the possible and necessary correction opportunities is prepared.

- verbal consultancy: during the site visit all important aspects and correction possibilities are discussed, but a written document is not prepared.

- general, (not on site) consultancy: in this case the consultant does not go to the site, but to an agreed place – verbal advise is given based on the layout drawings.

The two ways of designing a new building

- written: with layout drawings and exact measurement calculations

- general (verbal) consultancy: no drawings are made, only the main guidelines of designing the house are discussed (this is rarely suggested for new buildings!)

The personal auspicious quarters of the house are calculated in all consultancy work – for that an exact date of birth is needed (place, date, time).

Obviously the principles of Vasati can be best embodied in new buildings, but in already existing buildings by using the appropriate Vasati tools, a  98% harmonious energy field can be brought about!