Related Thoughts


“The purpose of Vaastu Science is to give form to consciousness. That is, it is the transformation of consciousness into visual and aural forms governed by the science of Time and Space using Light and Sound as raw materials.

Vaastu Science is the application of the principles of manifestation (Vastu Science) to the material world. When the principles of Vastu Science are applied to forms of art, music, dance, poetry and architecture, the form (art, music, etc.) becomes directly resonant with the positive qualities of Pure Consciousness or Absolute Space. That resonance of positive qualities is in turn transmitted to the viewer, listener, or dweller.

In the heart of the cave of the body there is an inner space and in that inner – space there is the vibrant thread of consciousness. It is this thread of consciousness that functions as the string of the sarira-vina (bodily instrument)…

The structure of the Vaastu inspired building vibrates with cosmic energy and the bodily instruments resonates with this vibration. …if a part of free space is isolated and confined into a four walled structure called building, it becomes a living organism and the space enclosed will start vibrating in a particular order. If such a building is designed to vibrate in the same numerical order, as that of the indweller, the resultant phenomenon is that, he will experience harmony or perfect union with the Universal Self… “(Dr. V. Ganapati Stahpati)


“Understanding the relationship between space and consciousness is the basis of Vastu, and yantras reveal that knowledge. The great Vastu science of building and living in a healthy, harmonious way sees space as an externalised reflection of the mind. Inner and outer space are not seen as separate but rather as constantly interacting. The outer space, i.e. our living situation, reflects our inner sonsciousness and our personal history, mirroring our past, present, and future. A Vastu master sees all this in a person’s dwelling.” – Marcus Schmieke