What is Reconnective® healing?

Reconnective® Healing transcends technique – it allows one to receive energy, light and information for our highest good. The Reconnection® assists us in clearing the way to manifest our life’s intention, and helps us to see the whole of ourselves, as we are also a part of the whole.  Many people experience, through their Reconnection, that their life has broadened and deepened on many levels.

Originally the meridian lines on our bodies (also known as acupuncture lines) were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and cross at acknowledged power points such as Machu Picchu and Sedona. These lines were intended to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe.

The Reconnection® brings in “new” axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. These lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional system that draws basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

Healing comes to you when the “time is right“.

Through the “Reconnection Energy” your healing will come in a form that you cannot wish or know – just be open and let that what WANTS to happen happen.

 During a Reconnection® session the client lays on a massage bed in comfortable clothing and position, while the therapist works with his/her hands above the client’s body. It is suggested if during the session the client is aware of his/her experience and have an openness towards what comes from the sacred places of Life.

- I experience the feeling of the Reconnection energy as a tenderness so extreme that it is almost painful, as if a pulsating wave is moving my heart. It is like a selfless prayer together with the person to whom I offer my assistance, a common space where no time and distance exist. It is as if a thread connects me to God/Love/Life, so that we can jump together through nothingness. Behind us there is a will, a force of trust, giving chance for magic to come about. (Ilona Sumbo)

At the 2010 ISSSEEM (The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) conference, new research was published regarding studies with Reconnective Healing conducted by Ann Baldwin, Gary Schwartz and Doug De Vito. In this research, Reconnective Healing was shown to be real, measurable and documentable in numerous independent measurements. It was also shown to be different than energy healing as we know it. When practicing the work, both the practitioner and the client/patient go into dramatically enhanced healing states.

This work is demonstrably and significantly different that energy healing, meditation, yoga, affirmations or anything that we had had on the planet before. The work is reflected and measured in the brains of the receiver as well as the practitioner. Measurements of the practitioners’ brain and heart states prove that this is not energy healing as has been on the planet before now. Nor is it meditation or simply mind over matter. It is something different all together.

When practicing the work, both the practitioner and the client/patient go into dramatically enhanced healing states. The practitioner goes into a state in which marked and significant brain and heart activity occurs. This state, called emotional quiescence, is associated with extreme awareness, feelings of peace, connection to the field and the ability to perceive on enhanced levels. This is NOT the state that is typically seen with ANY energy healing modality on the planet OR meditation.

Through this work, we become catalysts. We receive and sense the frequencies and energies — we do not send them. As a result of this new mechanism, we are able to step beyond the limitations and frailties of technique. - 
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