Prices for Vasati

Please contact me for prices in different currencies. Payments made through Paypal

The following prices are relevant to Budapest only.

Vasati consultancy for existing building or room – in writing:

Taking measurements on site, drawings 250 Ft/m2
Written consultancy 800 Ft/m2
(min. 27.000 Ft)

Vasati consultancy for existing building or room – only verbal:   

Verbal consultancy on site – with Personal Directions prior calculation 500 Ft/m2
(min. 18.000 Ft )
General consultancy – not on site 15.000 Ft/Hr

Support consultancy for buying a property:

Consultancy on site with prior Personal Direction calculation 15.000 Ft/flat’

* In case of viewing more properties10.000 Ft / flat per additional property.

Design of new building:      

Consultancy as design partner 1.200 Ft/m2
General consultancy – verbal  15.000 Ft/Hr

Personal quaters calculation – without any other consultancy:

Personal quaters calculation – based on exact astrological data 1.500 Ft/person

Consultancy for Plot:

Taking measurements on site, drawings, consultancy:

0-350 m2 60 Ft/m2
350-500 m2 45 Ft/m2
500-750 m2 40 Ft/m2
750-1000 m2 35 Ft/m2
1000-1500 m2 25 Ft/m2
1500-2500 m2 20 Ft/m2
2500 m2 above As agreed