Short Vasati workshop on Saturdays
3pm – 5pm

– venue is choosen considering participants location -

The aim of the workshop is to give an understanding of the energy flow in your house/property in accordance to basic principals of Vasati. During the workshop you will be shown how to identify serious Vastu defects, and will get advice to correct them. The strength of the examined space will also be analyzed.

Your personal favourable quaters in a space will be calculated for you – so you will know which part of the house is auspicious for you and where negative energies would be most strong for you.

Vasati Purusha Mandala

You will have the Vasati Purusha mandala applied on the layout drawing of the space in question. This is essential to identify the energy flow there. Based on the information acquired, you will be able to compare how the energy qualities at different parts of the house correspond to the use of that space.

For your personal favourable quaters you will need to provide your exact time and place of birth (hours and minutes if possible). Send it to me by email a few days before the workshop.

For the Vasati Purusa mandala set on your house, you will need to provide the layout drawing of the space you’d like to analyze, with the direction of north indicated on it. Send it to me by email, a few days before the workshop.

Content of the workshop:
1st part:
Vasati and its laws.
Vastu Purusha mandala – and understanding the qualities of the directions of the compass.

2nd part:
Correction of Vastu defects
Q & A

Price: £ 45 per person