I  am always exploring how best to live Life. The desire to answer this question has led me to live in different parts of the world experiencing the place from within, as well seeing it from outside. Hungary, Ghana, Scotland, Romania are places where I have lived for many years. Geographical roaming has been accompanied with learning different professions.

My first degree is Architectural Production-engineering. I was involved mainly with Hungarian organic architecture which is known best in the West through the works of Imre Makovecz.  I got a postgraduate training with the Koós Károly Association creation is to be continued | Magyar élő építészet  and the Péter Pázmány Catholic University. Work with Goethean observation seminars and Anthroposophy in Scotland  www.pishwanton.org helped me to synthesize varying approaches I had encountered in understanding “place” and “space”. A civil organization: The Rákos River Association – I had initiated – and my work with the local organic farmers group was mainly about developing more appropriate views and lifestyle for living in harmony with Nature. In Edinburgh I also became a Rudolf Steiner teacher. Finally interest in cultivating human’s inner and outer “space” led me to be a Vasati consultant and a Reconnection® practitioner, trained by Eric Pearl www.thereconnection.com  In my work i modified it to ReconnectionMR. I got my certificate for Vasati consultancy in 2003 at the Hungarian Vasati Association www.vaszati.hu who genuinely represents the scientific work of Marcus Schmieke www.veda-academy.com and Dr. Hartmut Müller www.global-scaling-institute.

As a result of my professional development, in my consultancy work I use the clear thinking of natural science together with the qualities of our soul realm and aid the Highest to manifest on Earth. Interestingly both Vasati and ReconnectionM® work on the human archetypal body. … It seems the way harmony manifests on Earth is in close connection with the harmony of man. I see Vasati and ReconnectionM® as a pair and as a continuity of my earlier architectural and Waldorf teacher practice.

Who knows where the way leads next? … Yes, it would be good if we ourselves – like a Vastu Purusha Mandala –  together with all the relating different levels of connection systems were able to live and change in harmony with Life.

If you have the courage and are open to allow the sacred centre of Life to guide you to the next steps in your life with ReconnectiveM® healing – and you are willing consciously to improve the harmony of the space you live in with the help of the modern form of an ancient wisdom: Vasati, I am glad to support you in my private practice. -  I am also qualified and insured to practice internationally.

Ilona Gombos – Vasati consultant & ReconnectionM® assistant